Thinglink Summer VR Challenge: Week One

IMG_0653I am really enjoying being a part of the Thinglink Summer Challenge.  In addition to creating “My Digital Self,”  Susan Oxnevad, the leader of the Thinglink Summer Challenge, asked us to explore the VR editor this week and create some tags for a panoramic picture.  Here’s my first Thinglink-tagged 360 VR panorama.  What do you think?

I was lucky enough to spend two days in Ogunquit, Maine, so wanting to try out some real-world applications,  I thought I would try to make a “travel-rama.”

Here’s how to make one:

1.Take a 360 photo  using the 360Panorama app and send to your camera roll. Then, Import as Video using the VR editor.

2. Record ambient audio in your vacation spot using Garageband. Import into iTunes as an MP3 file. Then, upload the audio into your Thinglink project.

3. Make a photo slideshow using Animoto. Copy the embed code.  Then, create an embed tag in your Thinglink project.

4. Add an image to your Thinglink project and in the “add some description” section, add a journal entry describing your vacation.

I could imagine students using an app smash of Thinglink, 360 panoramas, Garageband and Animoto with photos and research entries to create research-oramas.

Here’s my first “travel-rama”! What do you think?  Is this a worthwhile application of these tools?  What are some practical applications for your classroom, do you think?




As a writer and reading specialist, I wake up every day hoping to find the right words to create books, celebrate readers, and thank all the writers that inspire me every day.

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