We Are All Makers!

gardenboyreadingWe make our world every day.  The term, “Maker Movement” feels new but the idea of creation is timeless.  Many creation stories have a higher power that does something spectacular: create a world.  In reality, our worlds are not created by the gods, they are created by us.  Every decision we make creates the landscape of our world.  Even when things happen that are beyond our control, as they always do, we can choose to respond rather than react.  It is in our thoughtful response rather than our reaction that we craft the world that seems most right to us.

In the Literacy Studio,  I wanted to respond to the tyranny of time by creating something where I would use my love of teaching, learning and collaboration to make a difference.  I thought I might start by creating a blog with literacy-based invitations for your classroom, home and/or community.  I hope this will be helpful.  I invite you to go on this journey alongside me and share your own creative journeys inspiring literacy in your classroom and community.  Wishing all of us a bon voyage as we embark on new learning adventures!


As a writer and reading specialist, I wake up every day hoping to find the right words to create books, celebrate readers, and thank all the writers that inspire me every day.

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